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Star Trek: First Contact

The Best Film of the Star Trek Franchise
Drive-In Massacre - wrote on 02/26/10

Yep! This is it, if you want to know what I consider the best Star Trek film, look no further...

Negatives: Hmmmm....well, let me put it this way, there are many, many movies I would consider better than this, but if I were to make another countdown (and don't put it passed me) about the all-time greatest Science-Fiction movies, this would indeed make it, and it would be pretty high up there.

Positives: I had said the problem with Star Trek II was that it was very fun, but it did not have much substance, or intelligence behind it. First Contact, amazingly blends them both perfectly. Throughout the span of the film, we are confronted with all sorts of big psychological questions, such as "where is our species heading as far as culture and society?", "how easy is it for an individual to become apart of a collective consciousness?", "how far is too far when it comes to revenge?", " What is considered greatness? and how does one deal with greatness?". We learn about a very detailed history of Star Trek and realize it is rich and and unbelievably in-depth. First Contact, I'd say is the most in-depth of the films; and yet, with all the sophistication and discussions ranging from Moby Dick to the affects of time travel, it is still as much fun as the rest of the Star Trek movies. I mean it... Picard kicks some fucking serious borg ass! He starts off in the film as the normal, peaceful pacifist captain, who uses his intellect and strategy to solve problems and ends the film as basically Silvester Stallone and literally snaps the spinal chord of the Borg Queen. Johnathan Frakes does a great job at directing, and the actors seem at ease and nail their performances. It's a dense and spooky, Frankenstein/Zombie world, and the Enterprise looks like an H.R. Giger painting. So, visuals 'check'. Dialogue 'check'. Acting 'check'. Entertaining as all hell 'check'....Oh and I almost forgot, the Borg Queen. The Borg was already a more than cool enemy, but when the Borg queen is introduced in First Contact they become a whole different animal. She is like a blend between Emperor Palpatine, Maria from Metropolis, and every cult leader. One of the darkest and creative villains in Sci-fi.

So, there you have it. It took a long time, because I didn't take the time like I should to write this, but since I've started I've actually seen a lot of Star Trek and I'm now a confirmed fan.

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