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The Sound of Music

shutterspeed777 - wrote on 04/21/09

I was 7 years old when this movie came out. I was in class (forgot what grade) and sat close to the door. All of a sudden, my mom was calling me from the outside. She literally pulled me out of my class to watch the Sound of Music. I enjoyed it. I guess I enjoyed it more so because I watched it with my mom.

Enough of such nostalgia. My family was always musically minded. I'm musically minded myself. Meaning, it's just in my mind. Seriously, to put notes in dialogues and superimpose it onto a conversational script is a herculean task indeed. Truly, RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN deserved all the accolades for all their great works during the golden period of Broadway Shows. And the SOUND OF MUSIC to me is on top of the heap!

Hey, check this SOUND OF MUSIC impromptu..took place at a train station in Antwerp, Belgium! The rigid, regimented style of our day-to-day work needs a little dose of this...just copy and paste....

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