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Midnight Cowboy

Setting Trends
Kuma - wrote on 04/10/09

This movie transcends time, for it is truly one of the greatest movies of friendship and survival to every be captured. It is not just not just the story of the two lonesome characters that have become the pariahs in the land of the American Dream, but is the story of New York City itself; an unforgiven antagist swallowing a million dreams at a time. The film introduced audiences to elements of New York City that before had not been truly captured. This evident in its initial X-rating (later given an r-rating) after it had one the Oscar in 1969), where the themes of male prostitution, sexual exploitation, rape and drugs were still difficult for many moviegoers to comprehend. This movie paved the way for many of its successors: My Own Private Idaho, Taxi Driver, American Gigolo, L.I.E., Mysterious Skin, etc. This movie presented audiences with the very image of New York City that they saw everyday, but failed ot acknowledge it for fear of recognizing their own place in it.

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