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The Savages (2007)

Excellent performances propel a movie for adults
patjohnson76 - wrote on 02/07/08

One of the most realistic scripts and movies I've seen that deals with the deteriorating health of a parent. Linney and Hoffman play give amazingly real and touching performances as siblings who must suddenly care for their estranged, dying father, played by Bosco. Bosco portrays the senior, demntia suffering father with such realism that at times I wondered if they had really gotten an actor with the disease to portray the character.

As I said, all three lead actors give performances that are extremely realistic. This isn't your typical "dying parent" movie as the cliches you'd expect to see aren't here. My only complaint is that the trailer makes you believe that you're going to see a comedy, which is far from the truth. Regardless of this, I found the script well written and the performanes very good.

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