patjohnson76's Movie Review of Moneyball

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Good performances, looooong conversations
patjohnson76 - wrote on 03/02/12

Moneyball is a decent film, buoyed by performances from Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, and by presenting a "behind the scenes" look at a professional baseball team. The trailers would have you believe this is a film about a wayward general manager going against the odds and putting together a rag-tag team of players and achieving greatness. While this is part of the story, the depth of the film is using a statistical formula to put a strong team together. This interesting to watch thanks to the performance of Pitt and Hill, but because this is an Aaron Sorkin screenplay, there's a lot of talking. I mean, a LOT of talking, which is why Sorkin's work tends to bore me. I don't mind exposition, but sometimes it doesn't have to be so much. Regardless, this is a decent watch. One of the best films of the year? Not really, but still a good watch.

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