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A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Biopic
Gustavo² - wrote on 07/30/10

This ideologically conventional yet wonderful biopic manages to be both haunting and deeply heart-warming at the same time. Veteran filmmaker Ron Howard conducts the plot with such a compelling sensitivity that will have most people drying up the tears on their faces while watching it. There are surprising plot twists, beautiful imagery and many touching moments. A solid, competent film that deserved every Academy Award it received.

"A Beautiful Mind" was named Best Picture of the year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in 2002. Mr. Howard's achievement as Best Director was also recognized, along with another golden statuette handed to screenwriter Akiva Goldsman - in which is probably his best work to date - and last but not least, the magnificent Jennifer Connelly walked on the stage to pick up the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Highly recommended for those who enjoy moving, dramatic motion pictures.

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