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The Blob (1958)

The Plodding Blob
SmokeScreener - wrote on 02/25/09

I watched "The Blob" (along with several other B-movies from the 1950s) recently with my kids, in order to prepare for DreamWorks upcoming "Monsters v Aliens".

The highlight of the movie is the performance of Steve McQueen in one of his earliest films. It is an otherwise bland movie.

The story starts when a meteorite delivers a gelatinous creature to earth, which begins to consume people as it grows in size. Despite the fact that everyone can outrun the plodding blob, the victims instead choose to hide in places with no chance of escape.

The special effects are what you would expect for the time. There was a remake of this film in 1988; despite the improved special effects, I actually preferred this film.

As always, I also monitored the tobacco use in the movie. Most of the smoking occurred in the police station during the cops' night shift. There was also one scene of teenage tobacco use. The film earned a SmokeScreeners rating of 4 Butts. For more information on the SmokeScreeners rating system, visit

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