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The Blues Brothers

"They're on a Mission From God"
The SHC - wrote on 03/06/09

This movie has laways had a special place in my heart ever since I watched it in 1994 when I was eight years old. The humor is great, the music legendary ("Everybody Needs Somebody" in paticular), and John Belushi's and Dan Akyroyd's on screen charisma smooth and perfect.

One thing that is great about this movie is the outstanding cast. Not only do they have characters played by great and highly regarded comedic and film actors, such as the late John Belushi, Dan Akyroyd, the late John Candy, and Carrie Fisher (that's right, Princess Leia), but also some memorable cameos from great blues musicians, such as Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, and Aretha Franklin. Truly a very memorable and star-studded cast.

The humor is really something to talk about in this movie. Most notabley are the neo-facists
from Illinois, otherwise known as the Illinois Nazis (you might remember Akyroyd's famous statement "Illinois Nazis" to which Belushi hilariousely responds "I hate Illinois Nazis" after which they cause several facists to jump off a small bridge in Illinois State Park as they drive across the bridge in their new Blues Mobile, formerly a cop car). After this, the White Supremecists cause a cross-state chase. Another memorable stint in this is the cops, who mark Jake and Elwood Blues Public Enemy Number One and top on the Most Wanted in the State of Illinois after they were caught speeding and escape the cops after Dan Akyroyd says the movie's memorable tagline "They can't stop us. We're on a mission from God."

One paragraph has to be dedicated to the late greats Belushi and Candy. John Belushi was an extremely talented and dedicated comedian, and I highly doubt we will ever truly be graced with someone quite like him again, a feeling which I also have about Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, and Heath Ledger. John Belushi intently and with great effort and concentration portrays "Joliet" Jake Blues, a role remembered as one of the most memorable comedic performances of all time. John Candy, a true funnyman, gets so into his character you truly beleive he is the funny and nonchelant Illinois State Cop. Bless them for contributing such riveting performances and may John Belushi and John Candy rest in peace.

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