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The Watcher (2000)

Disappointing routine serial killer-thriller
filmfan09 - wrote on 04/22/09

THE WATCHER suffers from its tired plot and bad casting. Keanu Reeves as the serial killer fails to convey any sense of menace or evil. He is totally unconvincing as the villain. I thought him and James Spader should have switched roles. Maybe then the movie would have been much more effective, with Reeves as the damaged cop and Spader the obsessive killer. Also starring is Marisa Tomei, she is onscreen long enough to show us how much she can do. I knew from the beginning that she would be a potential victim.

This movie is just yet another predictable and tedious Psychological Thriller/Serial Killer film with nothing much to distinguish it from the rest. The film doesn't have any real tension, thrills or believability. I'm getting sick and tired of theses films lacking of originality in their plot. It's always the same with a cop with a troubled past track a killer he has a vendetta against, forming a personal relationship with him as the cat and mouse game builds up to the final showdown, where the cop kills the villain and saves the women or child in danger. I suggest rent/buy a better more original movie in the genre like Seven or The Silence of the Lambs. Fans of the overbloated thriller/serial killer genre might enjoy this movie, but I think most would find it pretty mediocre.

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