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Hollow Man

Think You're Alone? Think Again.
filmfan09 - wrote on 03/03/09

I thought this film was pretty good. Unfortunately, somewhere along the lineit turns in to a predictable B-grade slasher. This could, and should, have been much better than it is. They ran out of ideas and decided to just kill everyone off and have it end in huge explosions, showing a total lack of creativity. The only great thing about this movie is the special effects but it may not be enough to distract the viewer from all the negative points of the movie.

That being said I do care for this film, it's one of my many guility pleasures movies and I'll recommend veiwing it for the action, suspense, and amazing effects for it's time. Even if the movie is lacking in plot. Hollow man is not the worst choice you could make, it delivers most of what you expect from an enjoyable action thriller.

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