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Hot Rod (2007)

Not so cool beans.
filmfan09 - wrote on 03/02/09

Andy Samberg is a funny guy, but in this movie he doesn't have enough to work with. Remember the scene in 'Napolean Dynamite' where Jon Heder did a bicycle stunt with hilariously disasterous results. Well you get that bit about 30 times here. Samberg play Rod Kimble who so bad to be a stuntman and to show up his stepfather played by the bad guy from 'Deadwood' Ian McShane. Isla Fisher is wasted in the role of Rod's next door neighbor who take a liking to him and his friends.

I think with a better script and more ambition from the charaters they could have gave us a verry funny movie, this is not that movie. Even though the material is uneven this movie a few laughs, huge dumbass laughs. Nothing made me laugh harder than anything I seen in a comedy for example the scene where he falls down a mountain over and over and over. That was very inspiring and daring, just better shot and staged comedy I really like. Other than that I just wanted alittle more from this movie for me to really like it.

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