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Hereditary Movie Review
Tammy - wrote on 09/27/20

Hereditary is a very intriguing, yet confusing film. I found it very well put together, but also there were some questions I had.

The characters of Annie, and Peter seemed to take a turn as the film progressed with Steven's ability to put his trust in Annie as well. It almost looked like Annie knew what was going on from the beginning with how the events of the film carried through. Peter also seemed to evolve the most as a character to me. He first did not care, but then seemed to be more interested. Once his experiences developed with the incidents, he then was terrified and seemed to accept it at the very end before jumping out of the window.

Overall, I did find this film to be very interesting and in-depth psychologically. However, I was not the biggest fan of the ending seen with the cult leadership.

The film is great for evolving the horror genre, and I do think this is one of the better horror films in the modern day even though I did not like the ending as much.

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