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Hereditary Review
Jacob Ward - wrote on 09/25/20

After investing my time for the past two years with this film and recently viewing it again for the first time in over a year, I have come to truly appreciate the artistic expertise in the quality this film produces. There is so much interesting and creative horror elements provided in this film.

One very interesting element I found interesting was the transition of Annie, and Peter's character. It displayed a common role reversal where Annie became the active character driving the plot forward while Peter remained static and helpless near the end.

Another very interesting element psychological with the character interactions was the dinner with Annie, Peter and Steven where Annie spoke out about how the family does not listen to each other and does not own up to their mistakes. I found this to be very climactic in the second half of the film, and the downfall of the characters as they all fell victim to the cult.

This film has developed a new appreciation for horror films for me. With the original plot line, and creative psychological character dynamics involving Annie, her mother and Charlie with Peter and Steven in the mix. This truly brought evolution to the horror genre and is a classic in my book. Horror movies like Hereditary brings in the next step for film.

I truly had a pleasure and joy watching this film.

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