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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

QR Review Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
QR Reviews - wrote on 10/23/18

this movie.... is dark. but it doesn't go too dark it does have some funny moments. harry potter and the prinoner of azkaban, a way better movie then the last two thats for sure. the way the movie tell you that this movie is going to be better then the last tow movies is that. harry runs away from his uncle and aunt and i dont blame him. and you see harry wih his suitcasee, in a park and in the dark looking in the distance and the camera shot in just that scene shows volumes that this harry potter is not like the others and you better be ready. i havent talk abou the soundtrack of these movies. its to die for. you know the harry potter theme its iconic and for a good reason. their also many other songs in the harry potter soundtrakcs that you should check out when your wanting to go to sleep. Anyway whats the story. well their this prisen call azkaban where bad wizards go and no one has exsape but sirius black who wants to do what he started and wants to finish. kill harry potter. harry is more stressed as a reuslt but that doesn't mean the acting is bad, its the best its ever been so far not becuase harry is more mature. but its no longer trying to get the basics down for acting now its getting the audeiance to feel for the charaters. Harry Ron, and Hermione find out that sirius black doesnt want to kill harry but kill a friend of his in the past peter pettigrew a man who told where harry parents where to voldemort and as a reuslt had harry parents killed. we get to learn about this thing called a time turner. where it is obviously. goes back in time. and its add some cool elements to the movie but i feel it didnt go all the way and neither did the books either. we get to know a teacher that was friends with james potter remous lupin. a man who i want as a teahcer. but he doesn't faver harry, he still gives harry crap if he broke a school rule. the movie also expans the wizerding world wth out being a text book. it makes it really exicting and fun, but ith a dark twist to it as well. the writing in this film is amazing, everyone gets charater develpoment that was either really like in the two pervious film or you didnt really like in the movies and why they are that way. we get back story of james potter. really any charater in the movies. the acting is amazign as well as everyone improved from the last movie and did some as well. and some actors add a bit of a twist to their charater to makes the audience engad. this movie goes far and beyond of what i was expecting in a harry potter film and did some 4/4 in my books. the story is great despite voldemort not be present in the film, camera work is amazing, editing is great. acters are amazing, everyhting in this movie is great. is a must movie to watch

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