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QR Reviews Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
QR Reviews - wrote on 10/20/18

This movie... has two version of the subtitle. I honestly don’t know why this is. But Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Based on the book from J.R Rowling This movie had to set up a lot and you feel the set up. And it’s tirering on repeat watches. So what’s Harry Potter story. Well I have read the books and their amazing regardless. I’m going to look at the movie and how is the story, writing, and characters. Harry Potter is a boy who was ask to come to a magical school called hog warts and his muggle uncle and aunt don’t want him to go and muggle are people like us who aren’t magical like Harry Potter. Potter also had his parents die from the most darkest wizard who his name must not be named.... Voldemort. Voldemort wants the Sorcerers stone a object that can make him hole again as he does not have a body. The boy who lived Harry Potter is the only one who stumped him on the day his parents died from Voldemort. Lots to take in. Even for me at first it was a huge mouth full. Anyway Harry meets Ron and hermi who becomes friend and the mystery duo to find out who has the Stone. Which is pretty much asking one of the staff members at hogwarts Hagrid. The story itself in my opinion doesn’t do it self well cause it has to explain a lot about the wizarding world and it does a great job explains but I think a little too much of a good job I think giving us hints is great to show but I’m watching a movie I’m not at school. What are the characters like. Harry, Ron, Hermione. Are ok in this movie it’s obvious that they are inexperienced but they would get better anyway so I’m giving slack to that as I understand it was pressureing to get the characters down. All the teachers and staff at hogwarts are fab favourite like snape, dumbledore. And many others who are amazing at the part. Writing... ugh it’s much to be desired. Harry says the most bold things that I had to paste the movie to say OMG it’s not snape. Harry says oh snape this oh snape that. Yeah he seems creepy but no one even looks at quirrell. Harry must hate snape until he figure out his past in the 7th book it feels like tenesion more when Harry and snape are together cause probably of this movie. Regardless the writing is either too text book. And yeah I get we are going to a school but it’s supposed to be a magical school and it’s also a movie and I watching movies for the magic and the writing doesn’t help when it’s so text bookish. So acting pretty good. Writing g and story is.... pretty bad. Not horrible but it’s feels tiring watching it again. And I only seen it a couple of times. So I shouldn’t feel this way. I could understand if I have seen it my 20th time. But I have seen it 3 times. Overall a... meh... could be better could be worse. But the movies get so much better. So thank god we have better movies and Imrpovements in what could be better.

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