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It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day
Manuel Josh Rivera - wrote on 03/02/19

It's Such a Beautiful Day or: How Everything Will Be OK and I Am So Proud of You.

The film is actually three short films molded into one. But it flows so well as one movie. It tells its story with such importance and sympathy.

Early in the film, Bill recognizes that his routine (which he finds so strange) is his life. Any deviation of his routine is actually strange because its not the norm. It’s this terrible recognition of what life is really like.

Bill shows signs of depression early on. Lack of sleep, loss of interest in what once made him happy, a stagnant inability to do anything, etc.

It’s hard to describe depression to someone who doesn’t experience it on a regular basis. And even if they do, it’s still hard to describe because everyone has their own shade of depression; their own symptoms, as well as an inner conflict of intrusive thoughts.

For some people, it’s just background noise, like you know it’s there and it’s not persistently going after you. However, for others, it’s exactly that: everyday is a nightmare. You don’t want to do anything; but you have to because nobody is taking care of you.

Your day is right there, laughing at you, making you feel small and you drag your depression around like an anchor. It ruins everything. Everyday is a nightmare; it’s just a waking, unending nightmare.

They are no good days. There are just bad days and some days that are worse. That’s the bar you’ve set for the lowest expectation. You wake up and you pray for a bad day like it’s Christmas morning. If only everyday was Christmas morning; a bad day, not a worse day.

You also can’t tell people about it because they think all you need is exercise and to smile more; however, I am tired of smiling.

Depression is much more than just feeling sad; it’s also about being tired and filling unfulfilled despite your best efforts.

This film gets that and more. It gets through the horrors of depression and everyday life.




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