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Phantom Thread

Weaving the Facets of a Character
cacb3995 - wrote on 02/03/18

One of the greatest living directors, Paul Thomas Anderson, doesn’t disappoint at directing one of the greatest living actors, Daniel Day Lewis, in what is supposed to be his latest performance. Phantom Thread tells the story of Reynolds Woodcock (Day Lewis), a dress maker and fashion designer as he meets and falls in love with Alma (Vicky Krieps), who at first finds him alluring but with time starts growing continously disenchanted with Woodcock’s form of living. The film shows quickly shows its prowess as a thorough character deconstruction and a fascinating period piece into a world which doesn’t get much focus on the cinema landscape.

The first we’ll be looking at is of course the performances, and it goes without saying that Daniel Day Lewis delivers a homerun with this one. Sure, in a career full of great acting achievements it is hard to deliver a stand-out, but he certainly does with this one, echoing the brutal control of There Will Be Blood (also directed by Anderson) and the subtle grace of Lincoln. We’ve come to expect greatness from Day Lewis, but his embodiment of this complex but ultimately petty figure is one that should be remembered for ages to come. Along him star Lesley Manville, who stars as he meticoulous manager Cyrill, and Vicky Krieps as he new-found muse Alma, both who embody a very compelling dynamic as they compete for Reynold’s attention. Also, in a very reduced role, I thought Harriet Sansom Harris was very outstanding in her role as Barbara Rose in the limited screen time she received.

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