cacb3995's Movie Reviews

Movie Reviewed Type Rating
The Other Side of the Wind (2018) - Orson Welles’ long delayed Swan Song Full 4.0/4 View
Bad Times at the El Royale - The Styligh Neo-Noir Thriller of the Year Full 3.0/4 View
Haxan ( Witchcraft Through the Ages ) - Between Horror and Documentation Critical 4.0/4 View
cérémonie, La (1996) - An exquisitely murderous drama Critical 3.5/4 View
Harakiri ( Seppuku ) - Deromanticizing Samurai Honour Full 3.5/4 View
November (2017) - Estonian Dark Fantasy Full 3.0/4 View
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead - Shakesperian Absurdity Full 3.0/4 View
Last Year at Marienbad ( année dernière à Marienbad, L' ) - The Epitome of Modernist Cinema Full 4.0/4 View
Western (2017) - Relocating the Frontier Mythos Full 3.5/4 View
Viridiana - Beautiful Blasphemy Full 4.0/4 View
Arsenic and Old Lace - The Dark Humour of an Unconventional Family Full 3.0/4 View
Alice ( Neco z Alenky ) - A Nightmarish Wonderland Full 3.5/4 View
Isle of Dogs - Anderson's new foray into stop-motion territory Full 3.0/4 View
Infernal Affairs ( Mou gaan dou ) - Hong Kong Crime Thriller Full 2.5/4 View
The State of Things - Cinema Reflected by Cinema Itself Full 3.5/4 View
Avengers: Infinity War - The ultimate MCU team up Full 3.0/4 View
Ossessione - The first neorealist film Full 4.0/4 View
Five Obstructions, The ( De fem benspænd ) - Filmmaking as Therapy with the Danish Masters Full 3.0/4 View
The Last Temptation of Christ - Humanizing the Christ-Figure Full 3.5/4 View
Yesterday Girl ( Abschied von gestern - ( Anita G.) ) - A Farewell to Yesterday's Cinema Full 3.5/4 View
Annihilation - Refractions of Life in the Smart Sci Fi Genre Full 3.0/4 View
Martha Marcy May Marlene - Between two ideals of reality Full N/A View
Man Bites Dog - Media Satire and Pervasive Humour Full N/A View
Phantom Thread - Weaving the Facets of a Character Full 3.5/4 View
The Shape of Water - Tenderness in Uexpected Romance Full 3.0/4 View
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