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Queen of the Damned

Best Vampire Movie Ever!!!!
prettypirate - wrote on 05/28/09

The famous Vampire Lestat is back in this movie that is not so much a sequel, but rather a whole new story. It is in a whole different class than Interview with the Vampire. Aaliyah portrays the Queen of the Damned, Akasha. She is a perfect combination of that sensual attraction and frightening power that makes the vampire. Stuart Townsend is absolutely amazing as Lestat! He has that perfect sex appeal and intensity to capture your senses, but also a sexy brooding sense of danger in his character. It is much better than Interview with the Vampire. It is not like the book at all and perhaps that is why it succeeded, because it would have been impossible to explain the complicated plot of Anne Rice's brilliant novel. Nevertheless it highlights the important themes of the book.

The movie is excellent, but I think the end messed it up a little. The Vampire Lestat would not have fallen in love with a human and made her a vampire. Lestat is ever only a devil and only creates vampires for amusement. So though the romantics probably loved the ending, I think it took away a great deal of the rascal that grips us in Lestat. All in all it still is the best vampire movie in existince!

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