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Legends of the Fall

It works!!!
prettypirate - wrote on 11/18/08

This movie is awesome!Seriously excellent doesn't cover it! I can't add to the plotline, because I hate giving things away but you have to see it! Brad Pitt is transformed into a wild person with 'n fierce love for his brother. He is simply irresistable! Further if you fear romantic stuff this is totally not like that. it rather deals with real love, the kind we experience every day and that gives us purpose. Love for yourself, your family, your home and your roots. The plot is flawless from beginning to end and the music imitates the feelings in such a way that you almost don't realize it's music. The acting is excellent and the actors are cast in appropriate roles. You have to watch this!!! And there is a reason why they put Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins together...... IT WORKS!

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Alex - wrote on 11/19/08 at 12:24 AM CT

Legends of the Fall Review comment

I agree. Great movie!

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