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Bridge of Spies

Speilberg makes another great film
Pat - wrote on 05/29/16

A cold war political thriller directed by Steven Spielberg starring Tom Hanks. Who would not sign up for that? Bridge of Spies stars Tom Hanks and he plays an insurance lawyer. Tom Hanks has this monologue at the beginning when he breaks a case down against someone else you're like "yeah alright I'm on your side. I would have been just on the fact that you're Tom Hanks."

To make a long story short, the cold war takes place in 1960s and we find a Russian spy. Tom Hanks is the one who ultimately takes the case and has to defend this guy that is a small issue section of the movie was going to be the whole movie is not because the Russians find one of our spies ultimately the guy who defended this Russian spies Tom Hanks used to organize and orchestrate the swap of our spy for theirs it's just very convoluted and very volatile because it's the cold war, and since bridge of spies takes place in the cold war you think it's going to be like spies and US vs them you know. However, we're not doing James Bond kinda stuff. No one is shooting anybody; this is a dialogue heavy film. Steven Spielberg once again shows he can take a premise like that make it INCREDIBLY interesting. Watching this movie, I loved the dialogue and Hanks has a lot of amazing quotes that just blow my mind with the delivery of the quotes.

Bridge of spies is movie about humanity, which is a great message to touch upon! Would I watch it again? Of course! I thought that this movie may be the best Steven Spielberg movie that I have seen since Saving Private Ryan, that being said, it is definitely worth watching!

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