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Absolutely Incredible
Freddie - wrote on 12/20/09

ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Independence Day, and every other movie that has been turned into a ride at Universal Studios and/or Six Flags...Avatar is an instant classic. It is not often that I can watch a movie that is virtually flawless. Apparently, it took James Cameron 10 years and something like $7 trillion to make this movie. It was worth every bit of time and money. The spectacular visuals effects created a phenomenal experience that will be difficult to top. As a viewer, you almost feel like you are in Pandora, the world of the Na'vi, experiencing its enchanting beauty.

The story itself kind of reminded me of Fern Gully, but times 100 because it was so much more emotional and so much more thrilling. Jake Sully is torn between our world and the world of the Na'vi. As an Avator he becomes assimilated into the Na'vi with the help of Neytiri, probably the most enticing character in the film. Everything was well thought out: the entire world of Pandora, the culture of the Na'vi...the language! It was absolutely incredible. This is definitely a must see, and a must see again. This was an amazing movie.

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thecarmen - wrote on 12/21/09 at 09:28 PM CT

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heck, im glad you mentioned Fern Gully! Apparently, no one believed me when i said Avatar has some similarities with Fern Gully and Atlantis.

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