Kalpesh Prajapati's Movie Review of The Fantastic Four (2015)

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The Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four Movie Review Rating 5 out of 10
Kalpesh Prajapati - wrote on 08/08/15

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This version of Fantastic four is a reboot for the new generation. A generation that missed watching the previous version released 10 years ago. This is for the teenagers to connect with the Fantastic Four team. People who have watched the original (better said as older version) will end up comparing and will be definitely disappointed.

Though the story is similar to the previous version, this movie takes time to establish the lead characters and build their background. However it takes too long to do that and doesn’t have enough time for the action. The length of the movie should have been ideally more than the current length of 100 minutes, but with the way movie goes, even this length seems too much and at times, the story just drags on.

The movie does great with the time-leap until the last one is taken after which there seems to be some kind of hurry to finish the movie.

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