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Get Hard

Get Hard: Should be renamed "Hard to Watch"
Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 05/11/15

This is one of those movies where you see the cast and think that it might work. Then you read what it's about and you start to worry, Then you watch the trailer and you stop worrying , and then you finally watch the movie and you wish someone told you not to. This movie was a disappointment. With Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart together there should have been no way this movie would be bad. But it was. Aside from T.I.'s performance and a short 15 minute window near the middle this movie was just plain bad. The jokes were either offensive or boring. And a lot of Kevin Hart's attempted comedic scenes were just him screaming. It was Kevin Hart doing the same crap he always does. And Will Ferrell is so over the hill, I no longer have any desire to see a movie of his again. Overall "Get Hard" is a disastrous movie that tries too hard to appeal to the sad, brainless members of society who think that recycled humor and niche acting are the greatest things on earth.

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