Randy's Movie Review of Moneyball

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An Inside Look at Baseball
Randy - wrote on 03/23/15

Moneyball is the second film from director Bennett Miller (who also directed Capote and most recently Foxcatcher). Miller specializes in bringing stories to the public that most people would not know about otherwise. Moneyball displays a fine cast, headlined by Brad Pitt (who also produces the film). Pitt's performance is strong but I find that he gets too much screen time considering the talent of the rest of the cast. Jonah Hill showed in this movie that he is not just comedic actor and received the first of his two current Oscar nominations. What makes Hill's portrayal even more impressive that his character was not actually a real person but a composition of several real people who did not want their names mentioned in the film. Philip Seymour Hoffman is underused as well as Robin Wright who is hardly in the film at all other than voice overs. However Moneyball allows people to look at baseball in a different way and realize that professional baseball isn't really fair anymore. Its an interesting look at the business side of baseball and a must watch for any baseball fan.

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