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I should stick to my plan not to watch sequels.
ikkegoemikke - wrote on 08/17/18

It does not matter who your parents are,
where you came from,
who believed in you
and who didnít.
We are a family now, and we are earthís last defense.

What amazed me the most was the fact that I couldnít remember much of ďPacific Rimď, even though I thought it was an original-looking film years ago. No worries. Little by little everything is explained again in such a way that I partially knew it again. And even though ďPacific RimĒ wasnít high-quality cinema and simply a very expensive monster film with superb looking computer-generated images, the film impressed me at the time. ďPacific RimĒ was brainless amusement with a high entertainment value. This sequel is simply a duplicate with other main characters in identical Jaegers. But itís so irritating and annoying mostly. I was hoping this time the Kaijuís took control and destroyed planet earth. That way we donít need to be afraid of a possible sequel in the future.

Since the design and subject are identical to that of the initial film, one could say that itís thanks to Guillermo Del Toro the first film was kind of a success. But thatís a bit simplistic to state, in my opinion. I rather think there are several factors that ensure that you canít really call this a successful film. This time the entire Jaeger program shifts from a mature world to that of teenagers. We end up in a cadet school where young people are trained to become Jaeger pilots. A bit like in ďEnderís gameĒ but now itís not in space. And of course, thereís one of the cadets who canít stand the newcomer Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny) and believes she doesnít belong there. And who will be the hero in the end? Yep, not hard to guess. Anyway, it all feels a bit like a kindergarten. The Goonies in giant robots who save the world. Havenít we seen that before?

Also, the acting wasnít something to get enthusiastic about. Cailee Spaeny was acceptable with her youthful enthusiasm and rebellious behavior. John Boyega sometimes played the indifferent Jake with reluctance. Scott Eastwood was again suitable for the character Nate. And not only because of that creepy resemblance to his famous father. But the acting by Burn Gorman, Charlie Day and Tian Jing was at times simply bad. Bad enough to make me squirm.

Only the graphical part remains. Just like the 2013 film, itís a visual spectacle. And just like the acting, there are also ups-and-downs here. Itís fun to see huge robots and enormous monsters smashing into one another. But to be honest, itís the same old thing as in the previous movie. And the final battle in a Japanese city close to ďMount FujiĒ just looked ugly. It wasnít as if this clash of the titans took place in between blocks of flats made from cardboard. Just like in those ancient Godzilla films. But itís a close call. The duel on the ice, on the other hand, looked extremely great. A computer-graphic masterpiece.

Do you like to watch huge robots and by extraterrestrial created monsters battle each other? Then I guess this film is right up your alley. Have you seen ďPacific RimĒ years ago? Then you can safely skip this one because you wonít be seeing something really new here. To be honest, I sometimes had the feeling that I was watching a modern version of the Power Rangers. Only the creatures who emerged from another dimension resembled those that the Power Rangers fought against a long time ago. Ridiculously long time ago.

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