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anderson100 - wrote on 08/31/14

The couple start off friendly with the frat housemates and attend a party leaving their daughter somewhere. They left her a lot in this film (bad parents). It was in this part of the film where I actually laughed a bit. It was where Mac and Zac's character Teddy were discussing who is their favorite Batman and funny impressions follow. I really enjoyed that moment because it's what I talk to my friends about a lot so it brought back some good memories for me. We can get fair heated when it comes to who is the best Batman... It's Keaton of course! Why? Because he doesn't shout.

After getting drunk and high at the party, the couple get sick of hearing the loud music as they aren't in their twenties anymore. War ensues after Mac rings the police for a noise complaint. The fraternity then want to make Mac and Kelly's life hell and the really bad parents/Mac and Kelly won't go down without a fight.

The film for me was lame I gotta say. I understand how the older couple want to relate to the younger people by saying what they think would be cool, but it makes them come off quite sad and pathetic so instead of laughing at them, I just felt embarrassed for them. Plus I didn't actually like how they perceived parenthood. They make out that their lives are virtually over instead of thinking how lucky they are to have a child. Maybe I read too much into that.

Not all jokes missed though. The Robert DeNiro costume scene was well done, however the writers tried to fill the scenes with far too many jokes and pranks instead of holding back and letting viewers settle into them. It's like watching a stand-up comedian give punch-line after punch-line instead of taking his or hers time into building up their jokes.

My score for the film is 55%. Lowest mark for comedy, highest for pacing. I promising plot is letdown by too many jokes that don't fly off and unlikeable characters. I wonder if they did actually create Beer Pong, interesting.

First of all, the opening scene If it doesn't make me laugh then I usually don't actually enjoy what's to come. It has to hit you with a bang and let you know what is expected for you in this story, so watching Mac and Kelly's baby watchwho's practically the same character in every film he's in, and Kelly played by Rose Byrne who actually is an understated star in my opinion. They love their nice and quiet neighborhood until a fraternity moves in lead them have uninspiring sex on a chair didn't float my boat to be honest. Watching Seth Rogen in a sex scene probably couldn't float my boat even if it was with the entire contestants for the Miss World competition. After this, gags kept on coming and kept on disappointing.

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