Indyfreak's Movie Review of Johnny Mnemonic

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Johnny Mnemonic

Feature length audition for The Matrix.
Indyfreak - wrote on 12/03/20

Laughably dated technothriller that envisions a future about an amoral courier (Reeves) whose microchip-equipped mind is saddled with vital information which draws assassins and gangsters after him.
The production design borrows a lot from Blade Runner and similar cyberpunk movies. But it’s got a few unique ideas if utterly maddening. A villain uses a sinister laser-whip and Reeves’ augmented brain serving as an internet PO Box is an interesting concept. Wait until you see the cyborg dolphin hacker!
This really is not one of Keanu Reeves’ better performances. It doesn’t help that it is also one of the few roles that he’s playing kind of a selfish wuss. But Dolph Lundgren is weirdly fun as a psycho bad guy and the ever underrated Dina Meyer picks up some of the slack.

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