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Walker (1987)

Walker - Ollie North of the 1850s eh?
Indyfreak - wrote on 10/12/18

Alex Cox's divisive western dramatizes the life of William Walker, an American soldier of fortune who took over Nicaragua in the 19th century. Boldly drawing parallels with Cold War politics in the 1980s, Cox delivers a stylish and well acted film that works as a quirky character study of a fascinating if darkly complicated individual.
Ed Harris is very good as Walker who posits himself as a renaissance man that gradually gives way to his primal impulses. Rene Auberjonois and Sy Richardson are goo as his compatriots. Peter Boyle is very funny as Commodore Vanderbilt.
The battle scenes are bloody and sometimes even very darkly comical. Making it all the more devastatingly effective is how it plays it straight. Foregoing the stodginess and stuffiness of your average historical drama, WALKER is a coarse and abrasive period piece that cult film enthusiasts will enjoy.

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