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Mirrors (2008)

Is your reflection reflecting you
Owtkast - wrote on 08/27/08

I saw the Korean version of this film about a year ago, and didn't find it particularly memorable. It, too, focused on a security guard and a building in which people are killed by mirrors, but that's about where the similarities end between these films. Much has changed in the leap across the Pacific. In "Mirrors," Kiefer Sutherand's character is an officer with the NYPD who has been suspended from the force. With a wife and two kids to support, he ends up taking a night job as a security officer for a burnt out wreck of a department store. It's an easy enough job - make the rounds every couple of hours to make sure someone isn't making trouble. Almost immediately problems transpire, but of the supernatural kind. Something in the mirrors is homicidal. Directed by Alexandre Aja, "Mirrors" is pretty good for the first 3/4ths. It has a few horrible "suicide" scenes, and you get plenty of jumps. Initially, the story is even kind of an intriguing mystery. But Aja, who is a co-writer, goes into a ridiculous direction in the end. If he had just stuck to his source material. Oh well. Sutherland is good, and "Mirrors" is much better than most Asian remakes.

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