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Paranormal Activity 2

Selling Your Soul To A Demon?
PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 10/25/10

"Paranormal Activity 2" is the supplement to the first film, allowing a greater expansion on plot and characters, though without the same "umf" as the first. The first film had its premise and its ploy (walking around with a camera to film paranormal activity), although in this one, people have the camera at convenient plot points, which do little to actually add the same enticing ploy. The use of security cameras is a unique addition and I enjoyed its usage. However, the kicker for me (which is why this received a 3 as opposed to a 4) was that the plot device of "what happens when you sleep" was rarely used, seeing as how the entire film took place as people were awake (except for very few moments). A good follow-up to the original, nonetheless not as powerful nor as deeply disturbing. I didn't leave the theater with the same horrified feeling as I did with the original, although it deilghted me with plenty of screams and chills regardless of its shortcomings (which, in addition to what is previously mentioned, the explanation of where the demon came from was incredibly weak).

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