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Toy Story

Typical Disney movie for all ages
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/02/08

"Woody" (voiced by Tom Hanks) is "Andy's" (voiced by John Morris) favorite toy who has the honor of staying on the boy's bed. He is well respected by the other toys, who look to him as a leader.

All the toys are preparing for two big events -- "Andy's" birthday, and the move to a new house, which requires the toys to pick a "moving buddy" in insure that they all make the move safely. However, they are surprised when they learn that "Andy's" birthday party has been moved up a week. The toys are real nervous about what the guests are giving the boy, as they may be replaced.

All things seem fine, as there appears to be no toys that will replace any of the resident's of "Andy's" room. That is, unitl "Andy" and his party guests come in, and "Andy" knocks "Woody" off the bed and places a present his mother (voiced by Laurie Metcalf) gave him at the last second. The toys are anxious to meet the new toy, and are pretty surprised to find "Woody" on the floor. "Woody" climbs to the top of the bed, where he sees a crunched up box in the shape of a spaceship, he is then surprised by a plastic toy called "Buzz Lightyear" (voiced by Tim Allen).

The toys are happy to meet the new toy, and are curious about him since he is much more advanced then they are. But "Woody" is unimpressed, and makes fun of the newcomer when it is obvious that "Lightyear" believes he's a real person and not a toy.

It slowly becomes obvious that "Lightyear" has become "Andy's" new favorite, and it makes "Woody" quite jealous. He plans a scheme that would trap "Lightyear" behind the desk, but he accidentally knocks his competition for "Andy's" affection out the window, and the other toys become upset with him and accuse him of murder.

Now "Woody" must go outside, find "Lightyear" and clear his name to regain the trust of the other toys.

The first thing you notice is the excellent computer animation in this film. The details the animators put in the fictional world, which includes the reflection off "Lightyear's" visor" is well done. However, the human cast look pretty cartoonish, and sometimes the characters don't cast a shadow.

The cast is really good in this film. They really are able to make you believe that the toys they play are alive and give them unique personalities. They are also good at delivering the the jokes as if they are just regular dialogue and not expecting a laugh.

Just about every character, except for the humans, are nicely developed. The personalities of each character are established rather quickly, and are well written.

Parents will like how that the writers are able to teach lessons like teamwork in this film, while the children will enjoy the movie as a form of entertainment. Parents will also like the chuckle-worthy jokes that will get past children (for example, look at the name of the realtor on the for sale sign outside the house).

The songs, all written and performed by Randy Newman, helps advance the scenes emotions nicely. The only problem is that the songs pretty much sound the same.

In my opinion, this would be a good rental as well as a good addition to the family's video library.

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