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The Legend of Tarzan

beast-master set in africa
hoods_breath - wrote on 11/29/16

So much wrong with this film. The antagonist's whole agenda is to deliver tarzan to a tribal leader, so the leader will give him diamonds. The diamonds will be used to pay 20k mercenaries to conquer the country so that he can get the diamonds.... Why not just take the mercs who clearly haven't been paid yet (the danish king can't even pay his debts) and just take the diamonds outright. Bringing tarzan back to africa shut the whole plan down. Not to mention Tarzan went full Beast-Master in this flick. Apparently being raised by gorrillas gives you power over all Africa has to offer. He never reached out to the crocodiles, but when the steam boat was going down, they decided to get in on the action, too, eating the main villian and helping out Tarzan. Even though the ship just blew up 2 seconds later, something that would have definitely killed our villain. A stampede of water buffalo could have been easily stopped the firepower of a few hundred men, but they tuck and run for some reason. Oh, and water buffalo can plow through walls and wooden beams 4ft in diameter now.
This movie didn't need to happen. Seeing this Margot Robbie in this cements in my mind that she is best used sparingly. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot will remain the only flick she was decent in.

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