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Leaving Las Vegas

Cage's best moment in Leaving Las Vegas.
Monnie1976 - wrote on 09/01/13

A blistering and tragic portrayal of alcoholism, Leaving Las Vegas is an emotionally draining film detailing the life of an alcoholic determined to drink himself to death and his romance with a traumatized and codependent prostitute. Both Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth give career defining performances in this flick. This isn't the kind of movie you are going to want to pull out for a rainy day and once just might be enough. Still, the times spent watching his slow descent into death is both riveting and uncomfortable. Elizabeth Shue, who made her fame in movies like Adventures in Babysitting and Karate Kid, gives a surprisingly effective turn as Sera, the hooker who tries to save him. I think the film is an amazing one with fantastic acting, interesting music and does a good job of not flinching away from the suject matter.

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