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Cry Macho

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 09/19/21

“This macho thing is overrated. Just people trying to show that they've got grit. That's about all they end up with. It's like anything else in life: you think you got all the answers, then you realize, as you get older, you don't have any of them.”

Clint Eastwood, man what a legend. My respect for this man hasn’t faded.

What’s even more impressive is that at the age of 91 he’s still acting and making movies, which is really inspiring.

Also, the fact that 90-year-old Eastwood starred/directed a movie during the global pandemic, where he was the most vulnerable, it’s kind of mind blowing and it's something that I can't get pass.

Now for the movie itself, it’s an uneven road trip movie that’s more aimed for an older demographic. I don’t know how to describe it, but everything felt stilted in terms of pace and the film making. The movie also has some questionable scene transitions, such as cutting to ‘one year later’, which made the previous scenes seem unnecessary.

Even then, Clint Eastwood is still charming, and he made me smile at times. Also, the movie looked beautiful.

Although, from how I see things, Eastwood is “the last cowboy” in cinema. From Sergio Leone till now. This movie reflects on that deeply in every visual. His character Mike is past his prime; where horse riding and the inner grit of the west has become a distant memory as the modern age comes creeping in. But of course, in the end he is the hero, like he always has been.

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