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I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot...for Dianne Wiest freedom.
Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/09/21

There's not a single likable character in this whole movie for me to latch onto. So, at the end I didn't care...hehe. I also found the message of the movie confusing, because it has that empowering feel to it, like a "girl boss moment!", even though they are either doing awful things and how none of it was earned, which rubbed me the wrong way. It sends out the wrong message that doing terrible things or destroying other people’s lives (not just the bad guys) is OK, I guess.

It also doesn't help this was written by a dude named J Blakeson, a dreadful screenwriter who's previous writing credit was the unnecessary sequel to 'The Descent'. So yeah, this wasn't in good hands at the start.

This is honestly the most annoying movie experience I've had in a while. So shallow and empty.

Just watch 'Promising Young Woman' instead.

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