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Captain Marvel - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/06/20

"Space invasion, big car chase... truth be told, I was ready to hang it up. 'Till I met you today."

One year later - nobody's talking about this, expect for me right now. All that fuss and name calling over an average by the book superhero movie.

One of the blandest and most forgettable movies of last year, which I just remembered to login as watched.

Brie Larson, who has proven in the past to be a talented actress with amazing range, but is unfortunately the weakest link in the movie. I thought her performance was incredibly wooden and the least interesting part of the movie. Her line delivery felt really off and there wasn't anything there for me to care about her character. All backstory with very little depth. It might have just been the poor material she was given to work with.

I'm sorry, but not once did I believe this is the strongest character in the MCU. The issue is that the movie does a terrible job of actually showing us that she is powerful and important. They tell us rather than show us. Like OK, she shoots lasers, flies around and has some magical glow around her. Am I suppose to be impressed?

The story itself is really messy and unfocused. It's trying so hard to be an origin story while also setting up the next installment for future movies, but also having a Bourne element into the mix of connecting pieces to the past.

Also I can't believe they did Lee Pace dirty. Not just once, but twice now!

However, there are some things I liked in the movie that stopped it from being the worst thing ever. I love the tribute to Stan Lee on the Marvel Studios opening intro, which was such a loving touch to his legacy.

The de-aging on Samuel L. Jackson was fantastic and shows us how far technology has come. Although towards the end the effects started to look a bit wonky for some reason. Jackson himself was charismatic and a blast to watch. It was interesting to see a younger and goofy version of Nick Fury before he gets super serious.

I love Goose the Cat, just don't let her anywhere near your eyes.

The Skrulls were enjoyable "villains" and Ben Mendelsohn absolutely shines as one of the Skrulls.

And that's really it for positives.

Overall rating: "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." - Margaret Thatcher

Yes, I actually took a quote from Thatcher. I honestly should just delete my account right now.

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