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Dark Phoenix - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/03/19

“You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. But nobody cares!”


‘Dark Phoenix’ ends with a flicker rather than a bang. It’s quite depressing that a franchise that basically breathed life into the superhero genre that we know today sadly stopped caring.

Despite everybody desperately holding on for hope that ‘Dark Phoenix’ would be a solid exist, I was the complete opposite - the evidence being in the development stages. Some have argued that “People have already made up their mind about this film before it’s been released, they want to hate it”, This movie has been pushed back three times, a first time director Simon Kinberg, the test screenings was called “disastrous”, and the lack of interest the cast had towards the project.

Even the clips realised for the movie either looked atrocious or absolute cringe, especially the Mystique “Change the Name to X-Women” scene. Like, you’re addressing this to a guy (Professor X) who lost the use of his legs by saving the world, lost his friend to differing opinions, uses his fortune to construct a school for helping mutants, and creates a team to help protect humanity.

Anywhere, ‘Dark Phoenix’ is far from being worst in the series, but it’s the most dull and forgettable entry in the series, which is much worst in my point of view.

James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender being the saving grace isn’t anything new, yet needs repeating with every entry despite their characters conflict being repetitive. Sophie Turner is fine as Jean Grey, but Turner truly shines whenever Jean is in shock and confused. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, easily the weakest link as it’s never been so transparent for any actor to not give a damn. She was really bad. The Mystique make-up looks so bad and cheap for some reason. I’m guessing Lawrence didn’t want to go through the torture make-up process...well, tough sh*t. You’re being paid billions to star in these movies and the make-up being accurate to the character. If you don’t like it then leave. Jessica Chastain is fantastic as s̶k̶r̶u̶l̶l̶ Grace Randolph.

It seems like the dialogue really took a nosedive with this franchise. I mean every line being delivered by the cast felt stiff and stilted.

Also with this movie being set in 1992, it’s confusing to know that in 8 years time James Mcavoy will look like Patrick Stewart, and Michael Fassbender will look like Ian Mckellen. And don’t jump into the defense with the whole “set in the not too distant future” at the beginning of the first ‘X-men’ movie, because with the timeline being so f**ked up, it still doesn’t make it clear where anything is set. I find it extra confusing with this movie set 30 years after the events of ‘First Class’, yet the characters have barely aged during the intervening years. They could’ve easily put aging make-up on the actors to show a passing of time. I mean, sure it will look uncanny, but it’s better than not trying.

The visual effects looked questionable at best. The final battle lacked any suspense since I didn’t care about any of the characters. The cinematography and Simon Kinberg directing wasn’t anything special. I’ve seen the movie a few days ago and nothing is sticking with me in terms of memory. I can’t think of anything worst than being forgettable.

I find it alarming how a superhero movie coming out in 2019 can feel so outdated.

Overall rating: Mr Feige will like to see you now.

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