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Brightburn - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 06/10/19

"I'm the bad guy...duh".

When 'Man of Steel' first crash landed in cinemas, one of the biggest backlash that the movie faced was Superman causing more collateral damage than the main villains - making him seem heroic instead of a creepy alien.

'Brightburn' basically takes some inspiration on 'Man of Steel' reception and ask "what if Clark Kent was a serial killer" with the Gunn family having heavy involvement in the writing.

Although the concept is interesting, but the exaction is seriously lacking and rather disappointing.

The movie was surprisingly short and I wish it was a little longer to expand on reasons why the kid turns evil. The performances from everyone was fine, but Elizabeth Banks playing the delusional mother in a horror movie is a repetitive trope, and makes you the audience member annoyed at her.

The death scenes were incredibly brutal, which I also didn't expect at all. I think the only character that's worth caring for is the father (David Denman) who is alerted immediately when trouble starts occurring.

Overall rating: Bruce Wayne was right.

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