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Slender Man

Slender Man - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/16/18

Hmm...a little late don't you think.

I mean, this should have came out like four years ago when Slender Man was popular, but not now. The popularity has kinda died out.

'Slender Man' is a water down horror movie with more yawns than thrills. It's painfully dull. So boring in fact, I actually fell asleep 12 minutes into it. Of course I had to re-watch it which was horrible.

There's nothing redeemable or anything good about 'Slender Man'. The script is terrible with endless amount of horror movie clichés you thought died out for good. The cliché of how teenagers talk in these type of horror movies. Not forgetting the questionable decisions that leads to their demise.

All the performances were pretty bad and not convincing during the more "scary" elements - Just made the scenes more funny to be honest. Joey King is on a winning streak recently by starring in terrible movies, and she's really bad in the movie.

The atmosphere or tension is none existent to build up any suspense, just loud jump scares through out. Most of the quiet scenes felt like filler than anything else. When it tries to be creepy, it's embarrassing.

Overall rating: Sony, YOU HACKS!

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