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Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/27/18

“This is stupid.”

Well at least it knows.

‘Skyscraper’ is a disposable action flick starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Just looking at the advertisements you can already tell it’s gonna be those type of movies where you have to accept it to enjoy it. If you watched the trailer where Dwayne jumps off a crane into another building to rescue his family who are trapped inside, before cutting to the release date. It’s absurd, although looks fun. Might follow the same path of ‘Fast & the Furious’ type of ridiculous, yet fun. However, what really took me by surprise is how the movie doesn't quite embrace it’s stupidity, and instead goes for a more serious tone. So during those ridiculous moments, when I meant to switch off my brain and enjoy, but I couldn't buy into it. Basically it’s ‘Dike Hard’ and ‘Tower Inferno’, drowned out in CGI.

I know those comparisons have already been made by many people and the marketing campaign seemed to catch on by releasing spoof-like posters of those two films. What some have failed to bring up it’s not just those two movies it’s ripping off, as there’s plenty more. Literally every action movie ever, just done better before.

Die Hard? more like ‘Try Hard’.

Dwayne Johnson can make anything watchable. The dude is instantly likable in everything he’s in; both on screen and off. In this movie it’s no different. Although It’s not one of his best and we have seen better from him. Dwayne character is basic family man saving his wife and kids. The charisma was lacking and you expect more from The Rock in terms of picking roles. There’s no witty banter between other characters to flesh him out or anything. Overexposed maybe?

Neve Campbell delivered a decent performance and it’s great seeing her back. Unfortunately, just like Dwayne Johnson, she has no character besides being a plot device along with the children.

So let's talk about the villains, and yes I say “villainS” because there’s are so many the film keeps shifting focus. The bad guys are generic and not threatening at all. It’s even more funny when you realize there was no thought about their plan for it to work- allowing only on luck and convenience. They morons.

The biggest strength I thought the film succeed on was playing on your fear with heights. My hands started to sweat and your heart begins to beat faster. You’re afraid to look down. I thought those scenes was well done, especially the close calls moments.

Also the opening scene was pretty good. The way it opened was tragic and really sad, but that doesn't last very long.

Overall rating: Better get more duct tape.

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