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Deadpool 2 - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 06/15/18

“I’m Batman”

‘Deadpool 2’ is a massive improvement over the first in terms of film making and having more freedom to go balls to the wall. Not feeling so contained. Having more laughs and soul in this serious drama about the ‘F’ word. Well that’s what Deadpool thinks. A lot more ruthless when referencing other movies or other source materials surrounding this movie.

Now my main issue from the first movie is how colorless and bland the film making was. Something lacking or anything stuck out as memorable in terms of visual comedy. This time it’s directed by David Leitch, best known for John Wick and Atomic Blonde, who added a lot of his mystical tricks into this. How Leitch filmed the action scenes was slick and flowed smoothly. Especially in the musical numbers (played for comedy) that plays along during those sequences as a parody for blockbusters trying to be serious. Also not forgetting the truck chase.

Ryan Reynolds returns as the mouth taking anti-hero, but more crude and plenty of fourth wall breaking to go around. It’s clear from interviews and the behind the scenes that Reynolds is having an absolute blast playing this role. Probably the most fun he’s ever had. Taking past failures into account for humor and doesn't waste time to erase them. Reynolds once again captures the character in spirit through his sharp line delivery and comedic timing. But also giving the character heart by showing a softer side, which stops him from being annoying.

Josh Brolin is having such a great year it’s unbelievable. First ‘Infinity War’, than this, and Sicario 2. I've never seen an actor who’s been in three movies within three months back to back. His physical work and keeping up the straight man phase throughout also adds to the comedy. Never cracking a smile and keeping up the ‘tough guy’ appearance. He commands the scene whenever he appears on screen. Brolin delivers a great performance, what’s new?

While the achievements deserves it's praise, but please keep in mind it’s not perfect by any mean, like a masterpiece level. It’s freaking stupid if you ask me. Some of the CGI looked a bit noticeable and since there’s a lot of jokes, not all land. While all the actors played the parts well, small or big, were excellent either way and have such great chemistry with each other. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said about T.J Miller who was one of the worst parts of the movie. The running gag of “You look like an avocado had sex-” or “you look like Freddy Krueger face-fucked a topographical map” was never funny in the first place. Glad he’s screen time was short. I really hope they kill his character off in the next one, which seems more possibly if you heard the recent news surrounding the actor. Or knowledge his absence.

Other than that, Deadpool 2 is an extremely enjoyable film that succeeds and falls short in certain areas. If you like the first, then you will or probably have enjoyed this. For me, I was laughing and smiling for 2 hours.

Overall rating: Zazie Beetz and Rob Delaney are national treasures.

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