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Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/06/18

"Dread It. Run from it. Destiny still arrives."

10 years of Marvel everyone. No words can describe this, like wow. Thinking back to the first Iron Man and now where things have escalated into, itís insane. While I can be a bit iffy with superheroes movies, but now I realize how this type of genre played a bigger part in my life than before. But now Infinity War, the film those 10 years have hyped and prepared us for has finally arrived, and...holy sh*t.

The Russo Brothers did the impossible by making every aspect that many people, including myself thought could down vote the movie for the worse, but manage surpass my worries and made a grand spectacle of excitement and sadness. Making sure every hero has they moment to shine and not be pushed to the background. I mean, these characters are so different from each other, especially the movies they originally came from, but not once felt out of place when sharing screen time. However, you canít watch this has a single film, because you will have no idea whatís going on or whoís who. Please make sure to watch the other movies before this, as there is so many story lines going on in this movie itís absurd, but at the same time amazes me how well handled it was. This may not be an easy thing to pull off - The Russo Brother did it without a sweat.

The action sequences is wild and beyond epic. The Wakanda battle scene is more crazy than the plot itself. The superhero team ups were all enjoyable, but Thor, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon are the main highlights. Some of the best one liners and dynamic character interactions came from those three. Strangely enough (no pun intended) Doctor Strange was more entertaining and cool in this than his own movie. The back and forward between him and Tony are pure gold. People have pointed out how similar they are, in terms of characterization, in reality are completely different from each other.

Now let's talk about the big guy whoís been hyped up since the first Avengers film - The Mad Titan Thanos. I ain't gonna beat around the bush when I say this - he is one of the best villains in the MCU. You see, Thanos wants to save the universe from extinction by killing half of it, this bringing it into balance. Utterly insane but makes sense. Just how he enters a scene with his eyes scanning the area like predator looking for its prey, stopping in his tracks and a devilish grin suddenly appear on his face, which says a lot without words. The visual effects on Thanos is the most realistic CGI renderization ever. To the point of forgetting youíre watching a CGI character. It's scary good. Also he throws a planet. A PLANET. While his presence is menacing and poetic by the way he speaks, but also the most emotional villain yet, with perfect development and depth. Like when was the last time you saw a villain in these type of movies literally start to cry, and I cried with him. He is given a lot of screen time which helps to flesh out the character. Josh Brolin delivers an excellent performance and brought so much to the table in terms of emotional range.

Marvel track record with previous villains has been pretty bad, but phrase three have shown a lot of improvements. Not just the villains, but the beautiful shots and having this colorful energy finally gives it more style. The filmís runtime is two and a half hours, and not once do you feel it. The pace is always moving and thereís no time to breathe. The stakes are higher and thereís real consequences. You fear for the heroes for once as your not sure how things are gonna turn out.

Of course you should be expecting a lot of deaths, not just supporting characters, main characters. Donít worry I wonít spoil anything, youíre safe with me. Just be prepared for the emotional punches - however I wasn't expecting how well balanced it was alongside the humor. Thereís a lot of humor and donít let that put you off from thinking it doesn't have itís dark elements, because it does, just being miserable throughout can sometimes be an empty experience.

My only issues were some effects looked a bit unfinished and some of the humor dragged the pacing down a bit. At times losing focus. Peter Dinklage is a great actor, but he isn't great in this and I have no idea what accent heís putting on. Itís also weird seeing a dwarfish actor playing a giant, just funny to me.

Other than those issues, this is a real game changer for Marvel and I canít wait to see what happens next. At the moment, it's my 4th favorite Marvel film. It's exciting and shocking, yet never hopeless.

Overall Rating: That ending...

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