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Wonder Woman - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 06/23/17

Well DC, that's much better.

I'm actually quite surprised by this, but glad at the same time. DC didn't have such a great start with it's previous installments and while I'm still anxious about the next upcoming films, I can safely say that "Wonder Woman" is the first decent film in the DC Universe.

The two stand outs of the film are Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Both the chemistry and the performances were all solid. You love seeing them together and hate to see something bad come between them, which always ends tragically. I wasn't a huge fan of Gal Gadot performance and character in "Batman V Superman", as it didn't fit in the already crowed movie and isn't in the best hands. Here it's better in terms of direction.

"Wonder Woman" is a massive improvement and am very happy DC listened. The action scenes were exciting and well made. It's colorful and has a great message for empowerment for both women & men. Without the painfully obvious re-shoots and no Kanye West songs or Queen Bohemian Rhapsody thrown in for "improvements". The movie is at least watchable and enjoyable. And get this, it's got a sense of humor, even when some of it didn't hit the mark.

While I liked the movie overall, however I didn't quite love it like everyone else. My issues are with the first act being sluggish and filled with cliche digoule. Soon as Chris Pine shows up is when it picked up for me, as you get some great scenes between Steve and Diana.

The film had a great message about war and how everyone is a mix of good and bad; which sadly gets ruined in the third act and turns into "Man of Steel" climax all over again. Pretty disappointing. And I didn't like Wonder Woman theme (which is rock music) playing while the story is set in WW1. It just felt odd and out of place hearing rock music during that type of era, but that's my opinion.

I don't know who does the visual effects for the DC movies, because it doesn't look that good and very unfinished. I mean, some of it looked decent when it's not against real life environment, although that can't be said for the rest.

The movie also suffers from the same problem with Marvel and that's the villains. Talk about cartoonist at it's worse and just stereotypical. Just be glad it isn't as bad as enchantress.

Overall rating: Wow, it may look like I named off more problems than positives. Keep in mind I really did like the movie, these are just things that bugged me and could have done better. The rest I thought was good and I'm interested in where things are going in the future for these movies.

Bravo Patty Jenkins

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