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House - Movie Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/31/16


No, seriously, WTF.

How do I even talk about this one? I've heard people say it was bizarre, but I didn't expect this. I was left kinda speechless from this. I mean, calling this movie weird or strange seems like weak criticism. Like yeah, it's strange, no sh*t.

But I can say this about "House", it's quite out there and manages to surpass your exceptions. But I wish I watched this sooner, because I kinda love this movie. It's both mad and quite beautiful at times. I would say it's more than one movie, it's actually all different tones.

Now picture this: What if Halloween, drama, comedy, Kung fu and supernatural activity were all squash together in one movie, but all the genes try to out-act one another for an hour and half. That's this movie.

And I thought this will be a good Halloween movie and it really is. There's dancing skeletons, blood pouring out of the walls, paranormal entity, and a piano that eats a girl. Yes, that happens. But what's interesting is that director Nobuhiko Obayashi asked his daughter of what she finds scary. So basically, this film was co-written by a 10 year old Japanese girl and it dose sure show, but I mean that in a good way, as this is a look into a child's mind.

I also love the music in this and I like how the movie literally plays the main theme repeatedly, but with different instruments. My favorite one has to be "Sweet Dreams of Days Gone by".

Now for issues I have for the movie are pretty slim, but if I had to pick something that I think could have been better is actually the title of the movie. "House" just doesn't catch your eye or sound interesting as a title. It's the reason why it took me long to watch this one, because before I use to see the poster for this movie when I'm looking through the Criterion list, but just didn't have any interest. For a movie this wacky, it sure lacks creativity in the title.

Overall rating: "House" was pretty fantastic and never had a dull moment. Sadly, it's not for everyone, as I've seen different opinions on this that are both good and bad. But a movie like this I would imagine so.

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