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The title says it all
Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/04/15

My heart goes out to those who died and got injured at the Trainwreck screening shooting in Louisiana cinema.

The story is about a woman raised to believe monogamy isn't realistic finds her uninhibited lifestyle starting to wear thin. When her magazine job leads her to interview a charming sports doctor, she finds herself falling for him - and maybe finding romance is just what she needs in her life.

Okay I'm just going to say it, I never was a fan of Amy Schumer. I was never a fan of her work and to be honest I'm not such a big fan of her. I don't know what it is but these just something about her that I just can't put my finger on it. I only say I'm not a fan of her because I don't hate her as a person, because right now as I speak shes taking action on gun control because of the Louisiana cinema shooting that was showing Trainwreck. I'm happy that shes calling out this big issue that's still around and how this gun control problem needs to solved. A simple gun can land into the wrong hands. But all that aside and focusing on the movie I thought the movie Trainwreck wasn't all that great of a movie.

The movie wasn't written that well, I mean the jokes in the movie got old after awhile. Some people say that the movie was well written but I must disagree. Amy Schumer did okay in the movie but these a couple of scenes in the movie that she didn't do such a great job, for example when shes at a funeral and she starts crying and the tears didn't look even remotely look like it was brought on by emotions the character was experiencing, it just looked like an actress trying to force whatever emotion to force out.

While watching the movie I kept saying to myself "Is this real humor?" because the audience that I was with only chuckled a couple of times. There are a few gay jokes in the movie and that's mostly with John Cena who would say something and then somehow accidentally imply that he wants to have sex with another man and this joke happens too many times in the movie. That's pretty much the joke, now some many think I got offended by the joke but that's really not the case, I can laugh at many jokes that might be offence to some people who take it too seriously. The problem here is that there was no joke, gay was the joke. These many gay jokes out there that are funny if there's a joke behind it but not on it's own.

Tilda Swinton was the only one to give a good performance in this movie. She did the best of what she had to work with by poor directing and the terrible script.

The movie is called Trainwreck which is Amy Schumer character, which the movie keeps referencing about her alcohol and marijuana use but we only see her intoxicated in a couple of moments in the movie but after awhile the movie just tells you about it without Amy Schumer acting like it.

Bill Hader was good in the movie but he didn't do anything special.

Overall Trainwreck wasn't all that good to me. A lot of people may easily disagree with me on this one but this is just my honest thoughts on this movie. If you enjoyed the movie good for you.

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