Matthew Brady's Movie Review of 12 Angry Men (1957)

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12 Angry Men (1957)

Such a classic film
Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/22/15

The power of movie dialogue really makes this movie a true classic.

The story to 12 Angry Men is one man on a jury stands alone in a case in which most are initially convinced one way but one by one may be convinced another way.

12 men in one room just talking about one murder case and them sharing they opinions if the person that may have committed murder is guilty or not, now many things here could have went wrong, you got to have the best writer, the best director and the best actors to make this movie work and it payed off so well and I think this is cinema's greatest risk of doing something new with the story, giving it a twist and a edge and 12 Angry Men paid off brilliantly.

The acting from every singe actor in this movie all do realistic, believable, funny and serious performance's and they all add a lot of weight and drama to their character's. I wish I can bring up every single actors name in this cast but I'm not since these 12 of them and it's going to take up the all page and I can't talk about every singe actor and go into detail about them one at a time, but I can say that everyone in the movie did a flawless work of acting that's pure Oscar worthy and the kind of drama acting they should show kids in drama school. Nicely done fellas.

Sidney Lumet directed this movie and this has to be some of the best directing I've seen from this guy. He really added a lot to this movie when it came to story and characters and the back and forward they have with each other and it worked by his direction.

The characters in the movie (The Twelve Angry Men) don't really like each that much as in every scene they at each other's throat trying to confidence the other men in the room that the man is guilty for murder while that person and the other's bring up some really solid points that this man is guilty or not guilty for murder. As a viewer myself I got really interested in the case and trying to think if he's guilty or not, so this movie does a fantastic job of giving the viewer a opinion on the case and see if you think he did it or not.

For problems with the movie: I don't have any.

Overall 12 Angry Men is such a classic movie with excellent performances from everyone, the writing outstanding and the directing was some of the best. You haven't seen 12 Angry Men then I say go see it, it's worth your time.

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