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The Voices (2015)

Crazy but understandable Reynolds
Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/20/15

Who every thought that a movie starring Ryan Reynolds where he talks to his pets like Doctor Dolittle that tell him to kill people would actually make a pretty damn enjoyable film.

The story is about are main character Jerry who is a likeable bachelor living in a seemingly normal apartment along with his dog, Bosco, and his cat, Mr. Whiskers. But under his innocent facade lies the minds of killer - thanks to the advice he gets from his evil cat, even while his benevolent dog tries to steer him right.

I don't think I'm the only one who thought this movie was going to bad and extremely laughable, I mean look at the plot for this movie and you may think to yourself "Wow this is going so awful but at least I'm going to laugh of how bad the movie is". That was my prediction before seeing the film and after seeing it I was surprise of how much of the film I took seriously and didn't really laugh much. The movie would be a lot funny if Nicolas Cage was cast for this role it will be the best comedy in years because we all know the kind of acting style Cage users in his movies which makes them comedy gold.

Ryan Reynolds is the kind of person that I feel sorry for, I mean give the guy a break his past movies got poor ratings and most of his films flopped hard at the box office. He seems like a really nice guy in real life judging by his interviews, and that's why he fitted the role so perfectly has this nice, lonely and also insane killer. What Reynolds got so well about his character is how he can switch personality, one minute his nice and the next his insane. Good work Ryan.

The director of this movie Marjane Satrapi who previously did a film called Persepolis which I think not a lot of people saw, which is a shame really because it's a great movie. Satrapi directed this movie with style and a sense of passion from other films or TV shows to make this movie and the main character, because through out the movie I got that mix of Doctor Dolittle and that Elijah Wood film Maniac. She directed the movie and she actually made the whole film for me serious. Nice one Marjane Satrapi.

The movie itself is beyond weird and strange, but it's the kind of strange that I look at and accept the strangeness because well I think the world and people are strange, because we are just ants living on a floating rock in the big galaxy, think about that.

For problems these only some like: With out giving anything away, the ending to this movie has to be the biggest What The F*** moment that I had. I not going to say what happens but when you see the film you probably think that to yourself has well.

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