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Into the Woods (2014)

Music lovers this is for you
Matthew Brady - wrote on 01/09/15

Well you're not the only one who thought that this was going to be the next Les miserables just by judging on the trailers and early Oscar buzz.

The story is about a baker and his wife, looking to life a curse, visit the woods and the witch who lives there: she spins a tale involving many beloved fairy tale characters, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel.

I remember very well back in November 2013, that this movie that wasn't coming until like a year and it was already getting so much Oscar Buzz and it's really crazy when you think about. People where already predicting the categories for the movie even when their haven't even seen it yet. Everybody wouldn't shut up about this movie and when the reviews came out for this movie it was a bit mix for some but still good through, but not has good as people thought it was going to be.

Into the Woods for me was a okay movie. This isn't in anywhere near has good as Les Miserables. But the movie was way over hyped by a lot of people and this is what happens when you over hype things, it will lead to disappointment.

This movie has a pretty big cast and some of them do really good and I have to say that all the actors in this movie sing really well. Nobody did a crap job of singing. Nobody did the Russell Crowe of singing, no they all do fantastic singing.

Meryl Streep to me stole the show. That was just something about her character in this movie that just stood out to me and I just loved her body moment and the tone on her voice that was just spot on with her character. I may have made jokes about Mery being a Oscar magnet, but she really is a flawless actress that I always knocks my socks off every time I seen her.

For problems and I have a lot: Johnny Depp is in this movie and you probably think his just playing a goofy and weirdo that Depp always is, but no in this movie he comes off a bit creepy and really unsettling or and Depp pretty much plays Depp and nothing special. I know this is base on a popular on the Broadway show but I can't help to say that the sets in this movie looks like it's a Broadway play more then a full feature film. The movie is way too long, because I thought the film was rapping up on a good note but the film kept going and going and good god it went on for every.

Overall Into the Woods is for people who love musicals or Broadway. But for me movies like this isn't my kind of thing but I always watch them to see if it dose surprise me or not, and this movie is just okay.

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