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Fast Five
KingInTheNorth - wrote on 07/16/13

You can see the "F&F" franchise as a car. In the first movie it is running good. Then the fuel begins to be consumed(2F2F) and it starts to vanish(F&FTD). So what do you do when you have no more fuel? You go refill it! (F&F4) and then the car starts running again.

I think after the third movie we all were sick of these street races, to be honest: that franchise was dead. The fourth part gave some more "power", Vin Diesel back, but still there was no entertainment here. Then someone had this brilliant idea to turn "Fast and Furious" cars into a "Fast and Furious" heist. Perfect!
This movie gave F&F new power. A new bad guy: The Rock. Who is chasing the crew not only with street races, but normal, as a cop.
Of course there were a lot of car┬┤stunts in this movie, but the cars were not the main thing.

The movie is just hugely entertaining and extremely fun. The direction is great the script perfect and the action sequences perfect!

So, after the car is running perfect again, what happens next?

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